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Greetings Big Trouble in Little China Fans!

"I Left my Heart in Little China" introduces the world of Fire and Fury. Taking place 17 years after the events in the movie, Little China is now a very different place. After the titanic battle between Egg Shen and Lo Pan, Chinatown has enacted a kind of "Magic Prohibition" intended to keep innocent people safe from dangerous magic. However, in reality, it means only the rich and powerful have access to magic now. Chinatown has prospered, becoming a financial powerhouse as economies in the Pacific continue to grow. The most powerful man in Chinatown is the mysterious General Chang who with his Tong Elite has great influence over the city’s politicians and even the police. Wang Chi and the Chang Sing take a vow to protect the innocent citizens of Chinatown. But even more important, the echoes of past events are beginning to influence the continuing struggle between good and evil in Little China. 

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I hope you enjoy this story. If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to contact me.

Chapter 1: Egg Shen and His Attorney

"Very few have survived the Ritual of the Burning Blade. And none were allowed to live long after that! There's no telling what happens to a young lady who is exposed to that kind of dark powerful magic."

Chapter 2: Wang Chi 17 Years Later

Wang continued his attack. He moved among the demons like water. He was calm but unstoppable.

Chapter 3: Gung Hay Fat Choy

While Zhi accepted that her father was the biggest celebrity in Chinatown, she certainly didn't enjoy knowing that the most powerful man in Chinatown wanted to kill him.

Chapter 4: Specimen 39J at the Wing Kong Exchange

Considered an outlaw by Chinatown police, Qiang Bai, also known as Tiger-heart, is the real leader of the Chang Sing, holding the highly respected title of Ironlord.

Chapter 5: General Chang and the Nameless Old Man

"You have one last chance, understand? Or you will find yourself stuck in the Hell of Being Eaten Alive for an eternity."

Chapter 6: The Dragon of the Black Pool Serves the Best Tea in Chinatown

"The Wing Kong chose their fate. They deserve what they got. They're animals,"

Chapter 9: Striking a Deal in the Hell of Being Cut to Pieces

He turned to the knife demon and continued, "These idiotic mortals. It's always I want to have riches this or I want to conquer that, women, power, blah, blah, blah. .."

Chapter 7: The Secret of Han Tower

"This is not a trick my friends to attack you unarmed. The simple fact of the matter is you are beaten..."

Chapter 8: Return to the Bog of the Dead Trees

They each kept their gaze on the guards, hoping no one else noticed that they were in no shape for a fight.