Unboxing and Set-up Video

The Set-up video shows you how to go from opening the box to starting a game.

About the Designer

My name is Gary Chavez. In one way or another, I’ve been designing games since I was a boy. But it wasn’t until I met a local group of game designers called the Cincinnati Tabletop Game Designers Guild that things got serious. This talented group has helped me bring my games to the next level. I love being part of the vibrant game design community, learning from others, and passing on what I’ve learned.

Rules Overview Video

This video gives a quick overview of the rules of Saints and Scoundrels.

Gameplay Video

Watch Saints and Scoundrels being played at “A Game Knight” in Hamilton, OH.
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We’ve got a lot going on! Buy Saints and Scoundrels at The Game Crafter - $28.99 Here’s the Saints and Scoundrels Kickstarter page - Funded! Go to this page to get details on the campaign. Check out the GCRS Games Facebook page - See all the latest events, art, and photos. Get links to reviews and interviews. While you’re on our Facebook page, we’d apprectiate a “Like”! Try before you buy for FREE on Tabletop Simulator - Play Saints and Scoundrels in the Tabletop Simulator Workshop.

Saints and Scoundrels Card Art

Below is prototype art for Saints and Scoundrels. Each card represents a different character in the game with a specific ability.

Love 2 Hate Review

Lance and Sam at Love 2 Hate reveiw Saints and Scoundrels. Spoiler Alert! They liked it. More reviews are available on the Kickstarter page.